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The name- and faceless killer known from the first Snuff tape film butchers a young girl in a bathtub. He lets her rot for three months, in order to satisfy his perverse urges, using her decomposed cadaver.

Exclusive JAV edition for TM - CHEERS, MATE!

El Gore, who is not only the director, mastermind and mascot of GRINDHOUSE FAMILY FILMS, but has also been a regular guest on THANATISCHE MANIFESTATIONEN since day one, has never been as productive as he is now. The pro-pressed DVD of „Isolation – Hinter Verzerrten Gedanken“ (Isolation – Behind Distorted Thoughts) will be released by Black Lava in early 2015 and will present the film in its extended cut, the short-film „Paraphilia“, which was created in collaboration with Tom Heidenberg, caused massive waves in the international amateur splatter scene and the full-length feature of the same name and the subtitle „Necrophile Passion 2“ is currently in its pre-production phase. Apart from that, El Gore has been cradling another artistic offspring: the Snuff Tape series. The first installation was a mere bonus feature on another release, whereas the second part (starring a female murderer) was released separately. Gore has recently completed the third part „Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red and Brown“. The running-time of 25 minutes is pretty impressive (well, at least for short-film standards) and it is safe to say that the final Snuff Tape film is not only the most offensive part of the trilogy, but also one of the most unrelenting and explicit German splatter films ever made.

As is the case with the other Snuff Tape installments, the short-film is based solely on the portrayal of violence and has no plot, only some narrative framework in form of a written text at the beginning. Necrophilia, which was also the metaphorical hero of „Paraphilia“, is once again declared as the films main motif and is set in scene as drastically as never before. Apart from the murder scene at the beginning, the entire movie consists of El Gore in costume molesting the corpse in the bathtub.

„Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red and Brown“'s perverse aura is static and suffocating. Just like some of the notorious Japanese fake-snuff nasties, the film mixes sexual sadism with gory effects, and the results could be too much to stomach for the casual viewer. El Gore inserts a toilet brush into the corpse's vagina, sensually digs through its guts and cuts it up with a chainsaw. The director is known to be a huge porn- and goregrind fan, and it seems as if the third part of the Snuff Tape series is meant to pay homage to the genre. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the film is intentionally repugnant and disgusting. The killer vomits on the corpse (not staged), urinates on it and defecates on its severed head. He even penetrates the skull's empty eye-socket with his erect member and sucks on the tampon which had been shoved up her vagina the whole time. These actions are shown in a drawn-out and almost excessively detailed fashion, featuring little or no noticeable editing. German splatter hasn't been this raw and gruesome, for a long time!

The technical side of the film is also flawless. The camerawork is direct, but fitting, the effects are very realistic and the VHS-style interferences are charmingly old-school and highly sympathetic. As „Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red and Brown“ is meant to be a grindcore film, it goes without saying that the entire soundtrack consists of music by the porngrind bands Anal Fistfuckers and Kadaverficker. Naturally, these sounds accompany the on-screen action perfectly.

Conclusion: Staying true to the director's amateur/indie roots, El Gore's „Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red and Brown“ is an incredibly violent and perverted sicko whose stylistic trademarks are rarely seen, nowadays. Fanatics and „alternative“ viewers will probably will love the climax of the Snuff Tape series, whereas a more mainstream audience will probably not be able to bear it. However, it can be assumed with certainty that this was the idea behind the film. Excellent!

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