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SPECIAL: RXAXPXE - SATANIC POWER ELECTRONICS (Exclusive Interview and Album Review)

RxAxPxE is an overtly Satanist project whose current style is rooted in the field of Power Electronics and Noise. However this has not always been the case during the 10 years in which it has existed. In his earliest days PP used his brainchild RxAxPxE to explore sonic territories not too far from Cybergrind. Much has happened since then. After “Droning Disdain”, the last album of that ilk, RxAxPxE kept the aggressive, distorted vocal performance, but exchanged the Cybergrind-sounds with Industrial-Noise frequencies. Split and collaborative releases with the likes of Gnawed, Filth and Violence and Ride for Revenge were to follow.

RxAxPxE's recent album is entitled “Flesh Commandments” and was released by the German label “Phosgen Records” on professional CD in a stylish digipack. The expression “recent album” needs to be specified, though. “Flesh Commandments” was actually recorded in the year 2011 and due for release shortly after the superb split with Gnawed. This freshness is somehow reflected in the tracks themselves.

The sounds on “Flesh Commandments” are vile and brutal, but always atmospheric, dense and intriguing. Most of the material is structured in a way that reminds of Death Industrial, but the free flow of noisy sound is always preserved. The mixture works perfectly and the result is a very distinct one. Although the same brand of analogue brutality is offered throughout the entire 10 tracks, PP manages to reinterpret it in many ways. “Cross Cult” and “Declaration” present a lot of sharp throbbing action similar to a few hit songs by many renowned Death Industrial projects, whereas, for example, “Prayers” and “Black Shadow Rising” tend more towards the murky and atmospheric side of things. “Stereotype” and “Innards”, on the other hand, are as close to traditional high-pitched Power Electronics screechiness, as this style can get.

Structure is the core principle of “Flesh Commandments”. Even in the noisier segments, there is always a build-up and never any boredom or stagnation. In a nutshell, RxAxPxE's album is a black and Satanic interpretation of Industrial, enriched with some ingredients from other similar styles. It is, however, obligatory to state that RxAxPxE manages to take these approaches and build an own vision and style. This is also due to PP's manic vocal performance which suits the music and underlying concept perfectly!

“Flesh Commandments” is certainly a new level of quality for RxAxPxE. It seems as if the euphoria of finding a new style (and maybe new gear) was channelled into this truly remarkable album. One can only hope for more material like this, but the new releases on Bestial Burst and F&V prove that there is not even the slightest need to worry there.

I was able to conduct an interview with RxAxPxE mastermind PP which will be presented here in its unabridged form:

TM: Hello! First of all thanks for the interview, glad to have you on Thanatische Manifestationen. For those who do not know you already: who are you and what do you do?
PP: RXAXPXE has been formed in 2005 and is in constant action since then. The basis is electronical deconstruction which has been practised in various forms of extremism with different collaborateurs situated in diverse musical genres.

TM: RxAxPxE is a Satanic noise project. What kind of Satanism do you practise and what role does it play in your life and your project?
PP: There is just one kind of Satanism. Each false prophet who wants to make you believe something different will be hanged sooner than later. The Devil is a constantly present entity which is the origin and the essence of RXAXPXE. As the left hand path is flooded with liars we are in a constant strife which only can be won by fundamental actions. RXAXPXE is to be considered a weapon within this strife for the truth and the way back to Ain.

TM: What is the meaning behind the name of your project? Why the “X's?
PP: It’s just the RAPE of your world, nothing else.

TM: For some time, you have been using a logo with an inverted triangle showing a death's head and have used it on T-shirts and patches. What is the meaning behind it? Who designed it?
PP: That logo has been designed by a close friend and member of the movement since the very beginning, namely Brian VDP. It’s representing the glorification of the decline in multiple ways.

TM: Why did you decide to start RxAxPxE back in the day?
PP: RXAXPXE has always been considered an act of terrorism. People only have the chance to see the truth if they are forced to do. We want to set fire in the minds of our listeners who themselves shall carry the fire and infect the world with disdain, hatred and malevolence.

TM: The early recordings were somewhat rooted in Cybergrind. How would you describe the musical changes RxAxPxE has gone through? Was it a long and hard journey?
PP: We don’t care about musical genres. RXAXPXE has been under constant changes and always will be. RXAXPXE is rooted in disharmony, pain and devotion which we are presenting in different facets. It has been a never ending journey indeed but it hasn’t been hard. Things have to be done for our final goal to be achieved. This ain’ t no duty but an honour.

TM: Would you say that you have found a style that suits the concept or will you continue to evolve? Do you think it's possible that it will move into absolutely new territories?
PP: Stagnation would be the total opposite of the origins of RXAXPXE. Our total focus will stay on a fundamental unpredictability because this is what the sheep fear.

TM: RxAxPxE has a very strong concept. Would you say that the meaning is more important than the sounds?
PP: The sounds are based on the concept and are a way of mental arson. We consider both aspects equal important as they are one and wouldn’t be as effective as they are if one part would be missing.

TM: In my opinion, nowadays RxAxPxE has a very warm and gritty sound that could be classified as “old school” (maybe similar to some Cold Meat Industry projects). What kind of setup do you use? Is this kind of presentation important to you?
PP: There is no meaning in technical details. We ain’t “artists”: We are activists.

TM: The early stages and a lot of supporters and split partners (like Intestinal Disgorge) stem from Grindcore, the aesthetic is very close to that of a lot of Black Metal acts. Would you say that RxAxPxE transcends the noise genre?
PP: That’s correct and this is one aspect of the Adversary. We burn the borders of musical genres and collaborate with individuals who share our vision, no matter what kind of music they are practising. Together we are able to spread the warfare faster and more effectively.

TM: What role does misogyny play in your music? Especially titles like “Anti-Female Orchestra” are very direct, when it comes to this.
PP: No comment.

TM: Although Power Electronics, Death Industrial and Noise often utilise very “extreme” themes, occultism doesn't seem to be among the most frequent ones. Why is that the case, in your opinion? Are there any occult and/or Satanic projects you favour? Any that you would state as influences?
PP: I am not very familiar with the thematic background of musical genres and can’t evaluate if this is the case or not. Based on my surveillance Power Electronics (like every musical genre) is pretty much controlled by trends which don’t interest me. Politics and provocation in general seem to be very prominent nowadays. As to RXAXPXE we must state that provocation is pure disgust for us. It’s a theatre and a show. It’s a lie. Our influence is the Devil who chose us.

TM: “Adoration of Decline” was the result of a cooperation between you and pornographer Marco Malattia. How did this happen and what can you say about the finished product?
PP: Marco has a strong faith and we have been in contact since many years as we enjoyed his film works and he is a member of the movement since the very beginning. One day we decided to join forces in a musical/movie collaboration which has a strong devotional basis. We are very proud of the resulting DVD which sold out instantly. Currently we are working on “Adoration Of Decline II” which will transcend the expectations of the coven in many ways.

TM: So far, RxAxPxE has never played live. Why is that the case? Do you intend to ever do so?
PP: Most likely RXAXPXE will never play live. This has the simple reason that we strongly refuse to do a “show” in any way. We do not want to entertain. We want to set fire.

TM: One of your latest releases was the exquisite split release between you and the obscure Finnish cult act Ride for Revenge. How did this happen?
PP: Ride for Revenge is the elite of nowadays Black Metal and provide an exceptional work of pureness. So this split which has been released via Bestial Burst brought together what belongs together.

TM: Speaking of Finland, you have also just released a second tape on F&V. However, your material is heavily “molested” by F&V, apparently. How does this collaborative process work? Do you provide source material to be altered? What are your feelings towards this “different” version of RxAxPxE?
PP: F&V annihilates already destroyed harmonies on both RAPE Tapes. With this collaboration we are able to lift up musical degradation to a new level which we are proud of. The basis of this work are RXAXPXE sounds which get deconstructed in a Finnish bunker.

TM: Your latest full-length “Flesh Commandments” has just recently been released, but should have seen the light of day much earlier. What is the reason for this?
PP: “Flesh Commandments” was planned for a release in 2011. Unfortunately we have been badly disappointed by persons and labels who should have been releasing this one. Phosgen Records changed this finally and released this “true” second album in a very limited digipack edition.

TM: Although RxAxPxE is vocal-heavy, lyrics are never printed. Why is that the case? What kind of themes do you address?
PP: Lyrics have no influence for the experience of a RXAXPXE album. We don’t want the devotee to read but we want him to get one with the sounds, get infected by them and totally focus. No distraction of this holy communion will be tolerated.

TM: What kind of material inspires you? Occult literature? Black Metal? Films?
PP: The Devil.

TM: From an outsider's point of view, it seems as if your releases are getting more and more high profile and that the project is progressively recognised more and more. Would you agree? What does the future hold in store for you?
PP: I am not quite sure about that. You know we are around for 10 years and do not invest much time nor effort in making things public. Those who are hearing the call are doing so for other reasons. Actually we are grateful for each individual who is joining the movement.

TM: Thanks for the interview! Any last words, greetings etc?
PP: Thanks for the propaganda assistance. HLS

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