Mittwoch, 3. August 2016


“Immortalitate Malum”, the immortal evil, is a fresh split CD from Dominance of Darkness Records. Joining together the three Black Metal bands Sacrilegious Rite, Dethroned and Goatblood, all located in the South-West of Germany, this release contains 40 minutes of material. And the sounds that have been captured by these three underground bands delivers exactly what one would expect: pleasantly unmodern and gimmick-free Black Metal played in the old vein.

Sacrilegious Rite make an impressive start with three songs that appear very varied and thought out. Dark bluntness dictates the majority of the songs but on second glance, they offer much more than merely that. Subtle alterations in pace and force, some highly enjoyable melodic parts and a great morbid atmosphere clearly show that Sacrilegious Rite definitely know their game and how to present themselves. Although their part of the split flows nicely and works best as a whole, the opener “I Believe” stands out simply due to the tremendous riffing and the hammering drums that force the notes into the listener's ear.

Next up are Dethroned. These Saarlandians can look back on over 20 years of activity and this definitely shows. All the virtues that made Sacrilegious Rite good are to be found here too - but Dethroned even manage to take this to the next level. Clearly, the members seem to be influenced by more classic Black Metal, and their sound is living proof of this. Their tracks are fast and melodic, more grounded in the higher frequencies and even more varied than the aforementioned material. Whereas “Karnifex” and “Schattensklave” hit hard and heavy, “Traumessplitter” and “Gen Acheron” are much more melancholic (the latter even being an acoustic ballad). All of these styles work well, but the harsher contributions are probably the most fitting and the best parts of “Immortalitate Malum”. However, the same well executed and sick vocals offer a nice narration either way.

The final contributors are Goatblood, which features members of Genocide and Decibel Rebels. And it is absolutely obvious that they are the rawest and least polished band on the “Immortalitate Malum” split. In a way, their six minutes conjure up memories of some 90ies Black Metal classics whose style borders on Death Metal. This is definitely the case here, too. Dark growls, a very fleshy and brutish sound and slow drumming fly the flag of metal simplicity as proudly and unapologetically as possible. Although Goatblood don't reach the level of the other two bands, it surely isn't bad and is probably supposed to come off as what it is.

All in all, “Immortalitate Malum” is a very good CD. Especially Sacrilegious Rite and Dethroned are far above average and incredibly direct and convincing. The same goes for the production value of the sound and packaging. A very ambitious project that deserves to be taken seriously and comes highly recommended to Black Metal fans.

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