Donnerstag, 13. August 2015


So far, the Scottish Black Metal band Unholy Deathcunt has kept a pretty low profile. Until now, only two releases have seen the light of day, the first of which being a demo from 2011 entitled “Fuck You!”. Clocking at about 17 minutes, Unholy Deathcunt's first demo presents five tracks of raunchy and chaotic Black Metal.

In contrast to much of the established Black Metal, Unholy Deathcunt's concept seems to consist of the avoidance of all kinds of beauty and aestheticism. Apart from the band name and album title (which speak for themselves), the cover shows a woman with a pig mask spreading her legs and the track titles, such as “Dying in fucking Agony”, promise uncompromising filthiness. This idea is also found in the sound of Unholy Deathcunt. Each track is like a thick layer of filth, in which it is almost impossible to make out certain distinctive elements. It is safe to say that “Fuck You!” takes noisy ugliness to a level where comparisons to some of the Bestial Burst projects could be made. However, the sound goes more for high-level screeching than the low rumbling known from most primitive Black Metal bands. Furthermore, the drums are very fast, adding an even more chaotic touch to the music. The same goes for the guitar riffs that are repetitive without getting to monotonous, but also keep the free flow that is needed when playing this kind of Black Metal. 

The 17 minutes captured on the tape seem like one consistent outburst of pervasive aggression, making it difficult to find tracks to highlight. However, there is at least some variation. The music in “Dying in fucking Agony” is more mid-paced and interacts extremely well with the vocalist's screams. The opener “Bestial Devastation” could probably be seen as one of the most brutal and hammering tracks of the entire demo – and also as one of the best ones. The short running time is definitely a plus, as it doesn't allow any kind of boredom to creep in and makes “Fuck You!” a short, but interesting demonstration of filth.

Unholy Deathcunt's “Fuck You!” is a solid demo tape that presents extremely ugly and crude Black Metal with very direct and perverse themes. The sound is interesting and unique, although not flawless, and Unholy Deathcunt manage to convey the brutism that seems to be the core of the idea. Not an instant classic, but certainly promising.

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