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In a genre as vast as Death Metal, it is rare to find an act that really stands out and delivers something fresh and good. It is safe to say that the Japanese act DEATHTOPIA belongs to the most interesting and crafty newcomers to the scene, as their recently released album “Caesarean Section” shows. Read here the interview with Mune, the creative force behind DEATHTOPIA:

TM: Hello, Mune! First of all, thanks for doing the interview. For those who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?
Mune:Hi, I'm Mune from Deathtopia. Formed in Osaka Japan.

TM: What is the idea behind Deathtopia? When was the band founded and how would you describe the style?
Mune:I formed Deathtopia in 2009 under the influence of Carcass, Slayer, Death and some old school death/grind bands. We jammed some covers and wrote riffs in the studio. We started gigs in Feb 2010.

TM: Are you the sole founding member of Deathtopia, or was it a band right from the start? What is your “job” in the band?
Mune: Luckily, we didn't lose members on the way. I'm the singer, guitarist, and brain.

TM: I would say the style Deathtopia plays could be described as being pretty old school. Is it intended as kind of an homage to Death Metal from the 80ies and 90ies? Which are your favourite bands from this era and are there any influences?
Mune: Yes, We loved old school and 70〜90's rock bands. I was inspired from Judas Priest, Saxon, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Raven, Kiss, AC/DC, Def Leppard,and etc...hahaha

TM: The melodies used for your tracks are very complex. Are structure and musical quality important to you? Do you think that other bands, for example from the Grindcore scene, make too simple music?
Mune: I think it's most important that all songs are catchy, whatever the music style.

TM: “Human Anatomy Show” was your debut album. How long did it take to compose it? Was it hard to find a style at first?
Mune: I think we took 15 months for write anatomy album. Yeah, it was hard to do the lyrics.

TM: Your new album “Caesarean Section” has just been released – are you pleased with it? What can you say about it regarding music and further content? Is there some kind of overall theme?
Mune: Yes, I am satisfied with the songs, lyrics, artwork, and sounds.

TM: I think it is safe to say that many people would find artworks like that of your latest album tasteless, to say at least. Why do you use such pictures? Provocation? Obsession? Maybe both?
Mune: Some songs was taken out in's just Caesarean Section! I wanted to show our reign on cover art.

TM: “Caesarean Section” was released by the up and coming German label Splatter Zombie Records. How was this partnership established and how was the cooperation?
Mune: I'm glad that Caesarean album was released on SZR. Patrick the label owner worked hard and always helped us.

TM: Is the opinion of fans important to you? How has the feedback been so far?
Mune: The fan is very important in the underground scene. But I don't write songs for them, for I want to play good gigs.

TM: about your home-country Japan? Is there a big Death Metal scene there? Does Deathtopia get a lot of attention? Do you stand in contact with other Japanese artists?
Mune: No, We played many gigs in other countries. Japan is not good for Gore Metal.

TM: There have been some live gigs in the past. Is playing live important to you? What have your favourite gigs been, so far?
Mune: Of course, I wrote all the songs for the shows. I had the good times on the European tour. I met Patrick (Splatter Zombie Records), Gore Minister (Kadaverficker), the event organizers, and a lot of my friends. It was really awesome!

TM: With which bands would you like to play live?
Mune: Exhumed and Impaled. because we have the same music style...Gore Metal! (and Carcass, but they are very famous)

TM: Do you play in any other bands or did you have another band before Deathtopia?
Mune: I work only for Deathtopia now.

TM: What kind of films do you like? Are there any genres that influence your music? Maybe splatter or porn?
Mune: I like Japanese porn. You have to know ”Riho Hasegawa” She is my favorite pornstar.

TM: Thanks for the interview! Any last words?
Mune: I really love Germany! We'll be back there someday. Please check our news. Thanks for your time!!!

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