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CHLOROFORM RAPIST is a perverse, minimalistic Power Electronics project from Finland, whose member(s) want(s) to remain anonymous. Thanks again for this interview, which, by the way, is the first this project has ever given

TM: Hello! First of all thanks for agreeing to do the interview. What is Chloroform Rapist? How would you describe the project?
CR: Minimalist power electronics or "postmortem" if you like. Monotonous, hostile and raw.

Glorification of (chloroform) rape. Cunt falls into chloroform sleep. Bleak darkness. Molester's playground. Soft seemingly lifeless naked body starts to move. Saggy tits are bouncing slowly back and forth. Like slow motion. No rush. No need to pleasure anyone but yourself. At your own pace. As long as you please. You got cunt, ass and mouth to use. You got the whole body of buxom whore to play with, humiliate, slap, spit, piss and beat. Maximum abuse. Total freedom of love!

TM: Your cover artworks and inlays are very bleak. Why is there no hint at the agenda behind CR? Do you want the listener to make it up himself?
CR: The agenda is in the sounds and much can be guessed from the band name. There's no need to show much. Idea is pretty straightforward, obvious...

TM: Your recordings have a cold, monotonous, sinister sound to them. Can this be seen as the concept behind CR? Are you planning to explore any new sonic territories sometime?
CR: Yes, chloroform sleep. Rag over your face and then darkness. This is our sound and we don't need to expand it. Always the same from now to the end of times. Playground will remain the same, only the whore changes but same holes and same pathetic slut to use. Again and again. Cold monotonous soundtrack for praising activities of chloroform rapist.

TM: Your releases (and the project name) hint at sexual violence and maybe even misogyny. What do these themes mean to you? In what way do you want to deal with them in CR?
CR: Drugged, unconscious women/whores. Our experiences and fantasies regarding them. They are everything. Its in our genes. We are predators.

TM: So far, CR material has only been published on tape and vinyl. Could you see yourself doing a professional CD release?
CR: There has been talk of collecting all so far released (and most of em sold out) material on a professional CD release. This should happen sometime in 2014.

TM: You have done split releases with bands like S.T.A.B. Electronics, Clinic of Torture and Unclean. How did this happen? Were you approached by the respective labels or did the individuals behind the respective projects come up with it themselves?
CR: Labels approached us and we agreed because we knew they'd do a good job and we also know and like the other artists. We won't do releases just for any random label. 

TM: You are a Finnish power electronics project. This country has a long tradition of ultra-crude and violent PE. Why has Finland spawned such a large number of “depraved” PE, noise, Black Metal etc. projects? Any thoughts on this?
CR: We do things instead of endless bullshit small talk etc. Less talk, more action. If there is something we don't like we will say it even if it would be your friends project/band. In USA you can say very easily "ooh I am gonna kill you" and it means absolutely nothing. Here when you hear it you are pretty much already dead or will be in a few seconds. No "awesome/rad/stoked" mentality here.

TM: How would you describe the Finnish noise scene in general?
CR: Strong, virile. Many real persons, few copycats.

TM: Will/have there ever been any live performances?
CR: CR could work well live and loud at semi darkness w/ few strong visuals. We'll see but don't hold your breath.

TM: Do you think that noise is the best vehicle for depraved and violent themes? Do you personally also enjoy noise with non-filthy themes, or does noise have to be sick to be good?
CR: Violent sound goes well with violent themes. Most artists who describe their work as "sick" are usually just the opposite. To each their own.

TM: Many crude, primitive PE projects, like Snuff for example, have released band shirts, patches etc. Do you oppose the idea of CR merch or could you see it happening, when the time is right?
CR: Might happen when the time is right. Again, don't hold your breath.

TM: Pornography has a large influence on many PE musicians and projects. Do you also enjoy pornographic imagery? If yes, what kind?
CR: Anything that simulates the scenarios we do like/lust are enjoyable, whether film, book or magazine.

TM: How important is gear to you? Which devices were used to create the sounds?
CR: Minimal set-up of mostly tape loops and feedback. We are no gear geeks. We work with very minimal and primitive gear and we have a certain working dogma but that will remain secret.

TM: Thanks for the answers. Last comments, greetings etc?
CR: Thank you for your interest.

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